Friday, April 30, 2010


listening to: the born ruffians.
earlier i was listening to the black dahlia murder and it just inspired me to live. haha weird how death metal does that.

im at about 1080 cals for today.
not bad but its only 5 pm.

ive been feeling down lately,
my best friend is acting weird.
and her boyfriend isnt making my life any easier.

i dont know if i mentioned,
i fainted in the shower earlier this week.
it hurt. :P

sometimes i feel like drowning in self pity,
then i realize the idiocy,
and just stand up to the world.
[[just felt like writing that. haha.]]


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


short one:
~1500 cal today.
-kinda fainted yesterday. :P
-really tired.
-my friend decided when summer start we would buy clothes too smll for ourselves so we had a goal to fit into them. haha. :P

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pretty good. part ii.

ended up eating a little over 1000 cal today.
due to the arizona green tea im drinking [[which boosts your metabolism...right? haha]]
and the few bites of cookie and chips.

overall an okay day,
and i really do need to go exercise.
oh well.

until tomorrow,

pretty good.

so, s far all ive had today is:
- school lunch ~500 cal
- piece of cookie ~75 ish
- quesidilla ~300 cal

which is preey good. illhae a salad later but thatll be smalls.

ive been doing really good.
gotta start exercising though.
cuz i wanna lose 10 lbs before summer... 5 weeks
gained .5 lb last week. :P
better than more though. i gotta get going.
i hope ill go tonight.

aighht laterrr.

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why cant i fucking look like that. :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

summer. x.x

i need to get ready for summer.
ate lke 1300 calories today. a bit much. :P
but im not buying lunch tomorrow so that should help.
also the guy im dating asked me the estimated time i would wait before doing sexual stuff with bf.
and now i feel extraordinarily self concious.
but he said im "great"
and i dont believe it.

also, a guy that i worked very hard to get over tousled my hair this morning. dont know how i feel about that, i do know that his girlfriend hates me. XP

well anyway. im hoping to hit my first major weight loss goal this week.


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emma watson! <3

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

short update?

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its beena month.
lost three pounds.
major stomachaches lately.
dating someone.
cool. bye.