Thursday, December 31, 2009

just a let it go day.

i just wanted to relax today.
and that i did. :P
woke up and saw fries on the kitchen counter.
ate those with ice cream for breakfast.
[[i woke up around 1]]
then my friend came over around 3.
we went shopping.
i had a hot chocolate around 5.
then we decided to go to the movies.
but stpped at an arbys along the way.
i had most of her value fries. [[around 6]]
and then a soda at the movies.
came home and had baked chips.
i had a lot less than a usually do when i eat chips.
so thats good.

jeez. i really need to exercise.
i feel that if i keep eating less i will start losing all the muscle ive accumulated ever.
before i lose any fat. :P

well that all for now.

ahhhh so skinnnnyyyy.

shes so pretty.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

too little?

i ate less than 1000 calories today.
like. i think i ate closer to 500.
i dont know what im doing.
this certainly isnt healthy.
i even got up early today....
so i should have eaten more.

well i had the pleasure of a hot shower today considering i didnt splurge on pizza. :P
it was SOOO nice.

i woke up today and basically did nothing.
then i went to the avenue [[minimall type thing]]
and bought junk at claires because they are goingout of business. [[75% off (:]]
and bath&&body works.
i bought a book at borders.
and had a kids cocoa trio at seattle's best. woot.

nothing much exciting about today.
although i think im addicted to theinternet.
like random webpages.
like youtube and dailybooth and facebook.
junk like that. idk. :P
althoughim going off facebook for january... once school starts ofc.
because i have to get my grades up. :P

weighed myself today.
i think it said 165.5.
but idk whether i should believe it or not. :P

bye bye for now,


ahh keira knightley!
so pretty!

goodness i wish i look like her.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the perfect punishment.

after the mall i came home and then proceed to have 2 pieces of pizza.
i return to the devil kitchen an hour later and had two more.
that 1280 calories worth of pizzzzaaaa!!!!
thats awful. my total calories for the day is 1530. boooooo.

which comes my point of this post.
ive found the perfect punishment for overeating.
hehe. im becoming quite the masochist.
i convinced myself at the mall that my grumbling stomach was a good thing.
yeah i would have taken a cold bath. but im reserving that for when i go over 1650.
im getting a thermometer so i know exactly how much i could possibly lose/burn.
oh and to keep myself from shivering in the shower i started dancing.
like the electric slide, the cha cha, belly dancing, etc.
hrm. right now im preceding to drink a glass of ice water before i go to bed. *sip*

i made another couple of pages for my thinspo book. next time i go to the kitchen to eat ill have to remember to look at that.


slightly muscleyy.


Monday, December 28, 2009

self control and cold showers.

im trying to teach myself self control.
theres a piece of chocolate right next to my desk.
but im not allowing myself to eat until i go out and run for at least 20 minutes straight. :P

so i woke up at one today.
had crackers and neufchatel cheese.
around 250 cal.
im probably not gonna eat anything till i get home from the mall around 5.
in other new i thinkmy scale is broken i def did not lose 4 lbs in 2 days.

so i think ill have to weigh myself atthe gym from now on if i ever gooo.
i wanna go swimming there.
but i feel so awkward because the pool is right next to a big glass wall so everyone can see what your doing... :P
other than that i wanna go to the sauna there too.

ive also been trying cold showers.
i tried a cold bath but i just started shivering, drained he water, and took a hot one. :P
but i heard that a 30 minute cold water bath lowers your temp 3-4 degrees.
which is really unhealthy... butit take 200 calories for you body to warm you up per degree
thats like 600-800!
so i wanna try that again and not bea wimp. haha.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

first blog, certainly not the first day.

i've been eating less.
tons less.
i think i cut calories in half.
2000 to 1000.
big change.
idk. i just dont feel like eating anymore.
looking at skinny people a lot.
some of them gross me out though.

im starting a thinspo notebook.
im got magazines and tons of internet picture on the way to get in the book.
i think ill start with new year resolutions.
i dont know what mine are gonna be yet though.
i cant find my ones from last year.

im 168 lbs. 5'6". im 15.
and hating my life.
a week ago i was 170.
thats good.
im going down. woot.

alright bye.

^shes pretty.