Sunday, December 27, 2009

first blog, certainly not the first day.

i've been eating less.
tons less.
i think i cut calories in half.
2000 to 1000.
big change.
idk. i just dont feel like eating anymore.
looking at skinny people a lot.
some of them gross me out though.

im starting a thinspo notebook.
im got magazines and tons of internet picture on the way to get in the book.
i think ill start with new year resolutions.
i dont know what mine are gonna be yet though.
i cant find my ones from last year.

im 168 lbs. 5'6". im 15.
and hating my life.
a week ago i was 170.
thats good.
im going down. woot.

alright bye.

^shes pretty.

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