Thursday, December 31, 2009

just a let it go day.

i just wanted to relax today.
and that i did. :P
woke up and saw fries on the kitchen counter.
ate those with ice cream for breakfast.
[[i woke up around 1]]
then my friend came over around 3.
we went shopping.
i had a hot chocolate around 5.
then we decided to go to the movies.
but stpped at an arbys along the way.
i had most of her value fries. [[around 6]]
and then a soda at the movies.
came home and had baked chips.
i had a lot less than a usually do when i eat chips.
so thats good.

jeez. i really need to exercise.
i feel that if i keep eating less i will start losing all the muscle ive accumulated ever.
before i lose any fat. :P

well that all for now.

ahhhh so skinnnnyyyy.

shes so pretty.

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