Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the perfect punishment.

after the mall i came home and then proceed to have 2 pieces of pizza.
i return to the devil kitchen an hour later and had two more.
that 1280 calories worth of pizzzzaaaa!!!!
thats awful. my total calories for the day is 1530. boooooo.

which comes my point of this post.
ive found the perfect punishment for overeating.
hehe. im becoming quite the masochist.
i convinced myself at the mall that my grumbling stomach was a good thing.
yeah i would have taken a cold bath. but im reserving that for when i go over 1650.
im getting a thermometer so i know exactly how much i could possibly lose/burn.
oh and to keep myself from shivering in the shower i started dancing.
like the electric slide, the cha cha, belly dancing, etc.
hrm. right now im preceding to drink a glass of ice water before i go to bed. *sip*

i made another couple of pages for my thinspo book. next time i go to the kitchen to eat ill have to remember to look at that.


slightly muscleyy.


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