Sunday, January 24, 2010

gym time!

ive been focused on my weight for around 3 years now.
but in those three years ive managed to get from healthy.
to over weight.
to almost obese.
i dont look it though.
and thank evrything good no one tells me that i should stop eating.
other than my mother. :P
liekk when i told people my real weight they told me i was lying and that i actually weighed a lot less....
i was like... uhm no?

i went to the gym three times this week.
and i went to dance twice.
im trying to get into a schedule where i go to the gym fourtime a week, and i go to dance three times.
because now that my brother went to jail and we have to pay a lawyer a lot of money for his trial i feel sorry about wasting money for dance and going ice skating.
and stuff like that. oh and the gym membership i barely use.

im also startign a point system.
i found it on a pro ana site
but im gonna try it out anyway.
if i get at least 150 pts in a week.
i dont have to workout 6 days, only 4.
which means my weekends will be free. (:

i think my pants are getting looser.
but i may be delusional.

i just finished impulse by ellen hopkins.
it was a really good book, and the way she ended it was cool.
i definitly want to get identical but that will have to wait until i finish a walk in the woods by bill bryson. for ap english. :P


ps. i still havent weighed myself.
im kinda scared cuz i only go to the gym at night.
but i kinda have to cuz that is the only time i go.
or i need to convince my parents to buy a scale.
haha good luck to me on that one. :P

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