Monday, June 21, 2010

day 1/42

this is before school starts.
according to today I weigh 159. XP.
this is 6 weeks. but I'm hoping to weigh 144 when school starts.
that's my healthy weight.
and I really wanna turn heads. that would be fun.

so I ate around 700 cal today.
and burnt -300 cals.
so. it's a good day!
I could have burnt more.
but my friend wasn't in a good mood and I had to cheer her up.

I think if I continue doing this. I'll be good.
but I know I'll have my binge days.
and once I get to 152 I get a shopping day. (:
I'm in desperate need of new clothing.
I'm thinking I'll got to the outlet malls or something.

I'm gonna track my food and exercise on my iphone app I have.
that way it'll be easier to blog.
hmm. I should really do a new vlog. oh well.
that's what the day is for!

anyways. tomorrow I have SAT class at 10.
and then work at 2.
then I have dance 730-9.
and I have to get to the gym before then. xP.
so I'll be busy all day and won't eat. yaay!

alright, loves. <3

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