Sunday, June 27, 2010

day 6/42

its not that i ate a lot today.
its that what i ate had a lot of calories.
total around 1400-1500.
and i only burnt 160 cals from running around my neighborhood.
but im okay with that... and ill tell you why.
i started off running and im like...
this is so stupid i hate p.e. ugh i cant wait for this 20 minutes to be over.
and then after i ran like 3/4 of a mile... i was like i feel fantastic.
but the problem was... i started running faster... which got my heart rate up faster.
which means i had to stop more because i kept going OVER the target heart rate zone.
and then when i was done i just kept running probably a quarter of a mile.
but still... its a new experience for me... and i was really pleased with it. (:

and now for the bad news.
wanna know what i ate today?
okay ill tell you. xP
1. croissant sandwich~420
2. ritz bits~450
3. diet dr. pepper
4. QT sandwich~280
5. chocolate eclair ice cream~200 maybe. i forgot to check.
6. 1/2 100 cal popcorn~60
7. homemade blueberry cake~100
and that is why i am fat. good bye.

thinspo soon: gowns and dresses and corsets and such.

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