Saturday, June 26, 2010

day 5/42

its almost been a week.
and nothing.
i feel like such a failure. :(
nothing is going right in my life either.

ugh. hard core gym tomorrow.
i am determined to lose two pounds by...
monday i suppose.


on a more personal level...
i was talking to this guy.
and we're having this conversation via text.
and he doesnt answer.
i wait awhile... and text him again.
and he says he answered.
and then i said something else and...
nothing... again.
any suggestions on what i should do?

its getting annoying. xP

more thinspo later.

ive decided that when i go to the gym
and go on the elliptical im gonna make a playlist of thinspo videos.
that way i can go 40 minutes or even more if it works. (:
ill tell you how that goes.

to becoming a skinny bitch!


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