Saturday, September 25, 2010


-i want for my boyfriend to think im fragile.
-i want to be able to say... they dont have my size... they dont have xs. [[because i heard this girl say that at the store today. and i wanted to punch her.]]
-i want people to say that im hot, rather than cute.
-i want to be able to be picked up and spun around.
-i want to feel like i deserve being loved.
-i want to be able to look good in tight clothes.
-i want loose clothes to still make me look skinny.
-i want to have a flat tummy.
-i want to be a size 5... or lower.
-i want to not think about what i look like, and just know that i look good.

-i dont want to think about the scale anymore.
-i dont want this fat anymore.
-i dont want these doubts anymore.
-i dont want to care anymore.

i want to be beautiful.


  1. You are beautiful.

    My dear you seem so tortured, and it breaks my heart.

    Everything about you is beautifully fragile, and I'm afraid you'll break at any moment.

    Please don't break <3

  2. Ooh epical, I had green tea this morning (:

    ANT THE SCARLET LETTER IS FUCKING AMAZING! Just thought you should know (: <3


thank you for being lovely today.