Monday, September 20, 2010

my 100th post.

234 pm-

since im gonna be home for the next week.
imma post more often.
i dont want to post more than once in a day.
so im gonna start doing times.

i looked at myself like an hour ago.
like... i looked at my legs.
and i felt absolutely disgusted.
i didnt understand how i could let myself get like this.
and 27 pounds heavier.
i must have been hideous.
what is wrong with me.

im eating my second meal for today. cucumber.
feeling alright, a bit tired.
need to take a shower soon, cold ofc.


824 pm-

i wish i had better news for my 100th post.
i stopped counting calories after 1000.
i probably had around 1500.
but im not eating the rest of tonight.
and im gonna go for a walk tonight.

i realized earlier... im half way to my goal.
i mean that sucks.
but i know i can keep going.
it took me 3-4 months to lose 27 lbs.
and ive sustained for a month now.
and now i just need to kick it into gear.
and go at it again.

i can do it. right?
RIGHT. no question.

next post will be a thinspo.

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