Saturday, January 8, 2011


this is what happens when you drink sofia,
you find that its okay too eat.
but it isnt.
i hate these kinds of posts.
but whatever, i was 132.5 this morning.
and i just ruined it.
i might be fasting tomorrow,
but im going to a rave tomorrow night.
i feel like absolute shit,
i was so happy. until i ate...
ill get you a better update tomorrow.
i really cant think.
i feel like crying.
fucking hell, i wish i could purge.
and i was on a four day streak without binging!
i know thats not a lot, but it is for me.
-low point-

p.s. ill start this diet over soon,
and strictly follow the rules,
like dont drink soda, and stuff.
i need to fast soon.
maybe on sunday.
i need to get with it.
may or may not weigh in tomorrow,
definitely going to the gym.


  1. It's ok. You've made so much progress already and you're doing it on a good diet so tomorrow you really shouldn't go back up that much. Whatever you decide to do will be fine. Just commit to it and put this slip up in the past and keep it there.

  2. Ugh.I know exactly how you feel.
    Drank tonight, went on a binge tonight.
    Scared to even weigh in the morning:(
    It's okay... tomorrow is a new day (repeating this in my head over & over trying to make even myself feel better).

    I'm going to fast too. How else can this be fixed/punished? :(
    Tomorrow WILL be better.

  3. Hey pretty gril :)
    I eat also when I'm druk, and I actually eat alot. I I disgust myself when i'm drunk.
    - If you want, then we can sopport each other in a fast, or the GM-diet. Sometimes it's so much easier when you have someone to do it with. I really need to fast for some days, to get all the bad things out of my body.

    Stay strong girl <3

  4. Hey Babe! Sorry to hear about the break in the diet. I never liked that diet, myself. I also eat like a horse when I drink. It's why I gave it up.

    Say, I'm keen to fast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wanna join me? Give it some thought. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the rave! <3. XXX.

  5. Don't give up!! Try one more time. Everything gonna be alright.
    Stay Strong, my dear.


thank you for being lovely today.