Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day 30 and day 3.



and all i had today was...
-yogurt - 120
-sushi - 75
-panda express - 800
-airheads - 200
TOTAL: 1195
exercise: -120

thats quite a bit. xP

oh well, ill do better tomorrow.

i dont know whether i told you guys.
but along with the exercising for 30 minutes 30 day deal.
i started the glamour diy makeover.
and im on the same day, so itll be both. (:
today i did the exercises for the first time.
they hurt like a mother.
oh well. ... i just sighed and it hurt. xP
it said im supposed to intake 1650 to maintain.
so i think im doing good. XD
not like i believe it though.

i should be doing SAT but i dont want to.
i have a tutoring lesson thing tomorrow morning.
then hanging with D. and maybe M and her friend.

i probably missed something. im too effing tired to think.
sleep? i think yes.

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