Friday, July 30, 2010

day 39/45.


still 149.5

splurge day today.
although i dont feel sorey now.
i probably will tomorrow.

still havent hung out with D.
hes pissing me off because he rarely ever texts me.
so im not texting him until tomorrow when i can hang out.

what i had today:
-less than a cup of juice.
-1/2 an apple.
-1/2 sandwich [[cheese, mustard]] [[dont ask its really good]]
-another 1/2 sandwich
-the chicken in a sweet and sour veggie chicken meal.
-brusters waffle cone worth of bday cake ice cream.
-tostitos with con queso.

i really dont want to count all that up.
ill do better tomorrow.
i just feel like doing nothing today.
i should have gone to the gym or something.
ill do that tomorrow.


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