Friday, July 9, 2010

the rest of day 18/42

well, that was a fail.
ive probably eaten 1000 cal.
maybe 1100.

uurrggghhh. and i didnt exercise today either.

pool party + maybe walking/biking there.

my friend might drop her bike off at my house,
if she does i will definitely bike there.
but im a little iffy on the walking... that would take 30-45 min.
and bleeehhh. where as biking would take 20-30.
depending on whether i want to jump over a fence with a bike.
well ill see how heavy it is.

well, i finished cleaning my room.
now i have a bunch of boxes from my closet that need a new location.
i did some SAT words, and 1 math problem. lol.
i need to start my first book though.
i did a vlog today too. that was okay.

in my next post im gonna do measurements
and maybe pictures if i get up the courage.

my heart hurts.
i need to drink more water.


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