Saturday, July 24, 2010

day 33.


151 this morning.

i dont actually know how much i ate.
but ill give you a list. but no numbers.
-3 fake chicken tenders.
-cupcakes. around 3?
-curly fries. a couple like 4.
-cucumber salad.

went to M's at 4.
swam from 5-7.
went to the dollar theatre. didnt watch anything.
went to chuckie cheese.
went to arbys.
went to borders.

was with D. we held hands it was fun.
kissed a little too. (:
my best friend drilled me cuz APPARENTLY i didnt tell her, xP

until later, im happy. (:

[[edit: spoke to my ex, he made me all depressed, i dont even want to talk or write about it, its not worth it, im just not going to talk to him anymore. whatever.
i really want to talk to D.
and add 150 to my total. had an omelette.]]

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