Monday, July 12, 2010


i used to be part of this site.
i occasionally go on it.
and i just posted this.

"alright. so I need MAJOR help.
i recently lost around 10 pounds.
but let's just say I didn't do it healthily.
I still need to lose more.
my lowest was 152.
I am 155. according to this morning.
I would like to be 125.
so I have 30 pounds to go.
iv already lost 17.
alright. now for the eating part. these past few days.
I've been eating around 1200.
which is the minimum you should eat.
i've looked into it.
but I'm gaining. like 3 days ago I was 152.
I really want to lose five pounds before warped tour.
which come in exactly two weeks to atlanta.
so help me, what should I do?
I'm eating the minimum, and still gaining. :(
thanks for reading."

and theyre like you have to eat 1800!
and shit like that and im like.
you guys havent lost any weight have you?

they think healthier is better,
than actually being pretty.

facking idiots.

the only reason i posted that was because i weighed myself this morning.
i just need some opinions and they didnt help.
i might try yahoo answers or something like that soon.
i need advice from people who have actually lost weight.

anyone out there?
thinspo post next.

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