Friday, October 8, 2010

day 11/35.

i broke all my rules,
oh well, rules are stupid anyhow.

i smoked yesterday,
it was... fun FUCKING tastic.
no joke.
my only problem is i had to go back to school afterwards.
i didnt have to go to class.
but i had to wait 30 minutes for the bus.
and everyone was laughing at me.
because i was laughing so much.
its quite uncommon for me.

well, then i got home.
demolished my kitchen due to the munchies.
and by the time i realized it, it was too late.
so i went to sleep for five hours.
woke up. ate some more.
did some homework.
then my boyfriend calls me to tell me that he wont be able to visit till winter break.
-emotional breakdown time-
and let me tell you. its an awful thing being sad and high.
its quite confusing.

this means, im staying here for halloween.
but i might be able to go visit him for thanksgiving
since my cousins live over there.
3 hours away driving.

my calorie total for today: 300.
hellz to the mother fucking yeah.
i havent eaten this little in a while.
and yeah i stopped myself from eating a couple times...
but only because i wasnt hungry.
like heres my intake.
lunch : salad (100)
dinner: soup (55), bread (20), sushi (70)
snack: cheesecake (60)

oh right, another reason why i didnt eat so much is because food just didnt taste good today.
liek yesterday i was foodgasming over cinnamon toast crunch.
eh, dont judge, its what the munchies does.
and then today... everything just tasted bland.
like, i got home and made myself dinner.
dinner at 4 pm... woot!
i made myself 60 calories worth of soup, 120 worth of bread, and like 100 worth of sushi.
... but then i didnt finish any of it... i was like wtf.

oh well.
better for me. (:

ill weigh myself tomorrow.
im actually kinda excited.
and nervous.
wish me luck


  1. Good luck with the weigh in! (:
    Stay strong! Try to fight the munchies when they hit! <3

    follow me too?


  2. Aww I'm sorry about your bf :[ Long distance is hard!!
    I get them so bad. Every. Single. Time.
    Stay strong girlie <3


thank you for being lovely today.