Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i think i may have to take a break from this.

i need to get my priorities in order.
i have no drive to do this.
and without any kind of inspiration...
im just lost.

i have nothing stopping me from eating.
and i was doing perfectly fine until an hour ago.
damn grocery store.

i will be back,
but for now... i need something,
i dont know what.

be back soon, <3

p.s. thank you for all the lovely encouraging messages.


  1. <3 have rest, darling. I hope everything works out, whichever way you end up swaying. :)
    You're wonderful, remember that. I have faith in you, whatever you do.


  2. May I suggest health be one of your priorities? please look after yourself, have lots of fruits and veggies, don't kill your body with huge quantities of junk! You can stick around and post healthy intakes if you want to keep on track? If you need anything just ask! Stay safe xxx

  3. I hope you get everything sorted out.
    Always here for you. Love you.
    Stay Superstrong <3

  4. Look after your self sweetie!!!!
    Just like what Almost.Skinny said, lots of fruit and vegies!!
    stay safe and strong

  5. Good luck, hun! Maybe a change in your routine just to shake things up? That always helps me when I'm in a slump.

  6. I hope you sort everything out :)
    Good luck, stay safe!


thank you for being lovely today.