Wednesday, December 22, 2010


todays weighin:
135 lbs...
whhaaa? not gonna last.

part omelette (60) + 5 grapes (15) + fiber one bar (140) = breakfast (215)
5 grapes (15) = lunch (15)
oyster crackers and hummus (75) = snack (75)
5 sushi (200) = dinner (200)
salad (50) + 2 pieces of pizza (600) + fiber one bar (140) = shit (790)
walking around the mall and park (-175)
1120 cal.

im a sucker for pizza.

i woke up this morning at 1130.
broke my 45 hour fast.
i may start another because i barely even felt hungry.
and my weight is dropping down. (:
i went shopping.
bought a lot of new stuff.
i almost cried in front of my mother though,
because sure my waist is quite small,
but my pants size is still 8 or more.
and its disgusting.

then i went to the doctor,
my drop foot will make a full recovery.

i then went out to sushi,
with my friends, and ryan was there.
and then we went to target,
and then the park,
where i smoked (:... and saw my ex. :P
and then we went to this kids house,
where we were very bored.
so i suggested to ryan that we go home.
but we went to his house,
and watched supertroopers?... something like that.
it was fun... and lets just say i need to find some scarves.
because part of my neck isnt skin colour. :P
SOOOOOO irritating, but so lovely.
my stomach has butterflies just thinking about it.
or maybe thats all the shit in my stomach.

i think i really like this boy,
although its weird,
ive always told myself i wouldnt date shorter.
but i guess i got over that superficial streak.

stay lovely. (:
p.s. i promise to do better tomorrow.


  1. Shorter boys are allowed if you really like him. Sounds like you had a great night, too bad about the hickies lol, scarfs are always in.
    Tomorrow is a new day, you can always do better if you believe in you.

  2. i lost you blog for sometime, and I don't know why O__o? Ah well, It was nice catching up =]
    Woah, well done on your weigh in, hope it stays >>dowwwwwwn (crossing fingers).
    This post sounds happy, im glad for you

  3. Sounds like you didn't so too bad today.

    Super Troopers is a great movie. :D

    If you like him, go for it! It's ok if he's shorter. <3


thank you for being lovely today.