Wednesday, December 1, 2010


my mother keeps asking me when i got my period last,
i normally dont keep track of this,
but she got me all worried,
to be honest, i dont think i got it in november...
did i in october?

this morning kind of discouraged me,
i know its because i at a lot the night before at midnight,
to prepare myself for the fast im (unofficially) doing.
well, now i guess its official since i announced it.
this morning i weighed: 139.5-140. the number kept changing.
but then tonight: 137.5 :D
im waiting until tomorrow for an official number,
but i love fasting,
although i feel tired and like shit,
for the most part im happy. (:
(yay for lowest ive been in years!)

**edit: i just weighed myself again... 139.
fucking torture, i hate this. i better be lower tomorrow,
or i might kill someone. jk... maybe.**

i think im gonna skip out on lunch tomorrow,
and do some homework in the library. woot.

my goal this fast is above 39.
im going for 40-42.
because i have dance tomorrow night...
and fainting there would not be grand.

23 hours down, 17 to go.



  1. Man, I wish I could fast like you...I generally FAIL at it lol.

    Thanks for the comment btw. My email is on my profile if you ever need to talk :)

  2. Good to hear you're happy lovely! :)
    Good luck on your fast! Your willpower is just crazy! Truly inspiring :)

    I haven't got my period in a while either. I usually get it every 2-3 months. Longest I've been was I think 6 months without my period. I don't worry about it too much though cause I hate my period and I'd rather it dissapear and die hahaa

    Take care of yourself lovely!

  3. Good luck on your fast, hon. Try not to kill anyone, or at least make sure it's only people who really, really deserve it ;)

    Much love, thanks for all your gorgeous comments!


  4. Just read your blog the whole way through :) you've lost a lot since you started and kept it off too!

    Inspiring x

  5. oooh i finally got through reading your whole blog and let me tell you, you are a *true* inspiration. i know you've had a lot of low points but really, you've accomplished so much!! you've lost sooo much weight, i'm sure we'll be seeing a steady trend downwards! good luck on the fast, let's make these hours count :)

  6. good job lady on the fasting :)

    have fun at the dance!!!

  7. your so inspiring!
    good job on fasting.
    stay strong hun! xx

  8. Hey!
    Good job on the fast dear:)
    I fasted's 8:45pm and still haven't had anything but need to write a paper so may eat something small:/

    Already missing your period?? I wish I'd stop mine haha
    Hope you had fun at dance tonight!


thank you for being lovely today.