Wednesday, December 29, 2010

day one: your best friend. (plus thinspo)

[[followers: i wrote this because i cant sleep. the post below this one tells about my day, and has a picture of me.]]
to be perfectly honest, i dont have a best friend. but this one i will write to ryan.

dear ryan,

thank you for being in my life. you are the one person i have told basically all my present secrets to, and i wish i could tell you everything, but some secrets i need to myself. i know we're an odd pair: the questioning and the secretive, but i really wish i could tell you everything. you would want me to get help, but i dont want that. i like being messed up as strange as the sounds. but im glad you're here, because i dont like being alone. i hope you still like me as i continue (hopefully) spiraling downwards in terms of weight and sanity, but ill try to be happy for because you asked once.

im not good at writing letters, so im glad im not actually sending this, but just thank you. thank you for caring, thank you for treating me like i matter, and thank you for listening.























  1. <3 #17, I see that picture a lot and I wish I could be that girl.

    I'm happy you've found a guy who cares about you. Sounds like you really like him :).. Just be careful, I'd definitely keep this part of your life secret...

  2. thats so cute! he sounds great, i agree with comment above be careful how much u tell, but its great that you've got someone you can talk to and for him to not judge you i wish i had someone like that.... dont get me wrong i trust my boyf butttt like uno? its my secret. lol.... anyway! thanks for always leaving a comment on my blog! they make me smile and sorry i havent commented much, im back now tho! p.s i love your blog! stay strong <3

  3. i love this. makes me miss my best friend. be careful not to tell too much. they leave you when you tell too much, trust me.

    but you seem like the girl i want to be so bad. good luck to you in everything you do!


thank you for being lovely today.