Saturday, December 18, 2010

karma has never been a bigger bitch.

so.... well, i dont know.
due to many of you agreeing with me about the diet coke, i will be trying to go without.
starting today. thank you.

December 18th, 2010.

chocolate vitatop (100) + 1/2 cup cranberry juice (60) = breakfast (160)
17 blueberries (14) + clementine (35) = snack (49)
9 blueberries (6) + vegan grilled cheese (55) + soy dog (45) = lunch (106)
major approximation:
2 orange slices (15)
tortilla chips (200)
queso (100)
hummus (75)
cake (150)
2 hours dancing (-600)
255 cal.

im really angry with myself right now.
i could have done better, but i didn't, of course.

getting stolen from is one of the most embarrassing things ever.
and this is the second time it has happened to me.
50 dollars.
now, i dont have a job so this is a relatively large amount for me.
and it literally makes me sick to my stomach.
and i ate this morning, but it just made it worse.
so the story is:
i went to a party,
and thats where it happened.
i shouldnt have left my purse in that corner. :/
but i cant do anything to change it now.

(rule of partying #7827: never bring your wallet unless you're sure you'll need it.)

the reason i say its karma is because i stole for the fist time friday night.
but 23 dollars in clothes isnt equivalent to 50 in cash.
im just so angry.
i dont even know if i want to go to this party tonight.
or go out with anyone.

will is being a douche, like completely.
i upfront said i didnt want to hook up with him,
and then he started bitching me out and saying mean things.

and i think i like ryan,
but when i got tipsy last night i told him that i did.
and he said he liked me too,
so we'll see where that goes.

i do literally feel sick though,
so im gonna go to bed.

hopefully you girls (and guys) had a better saturday than i did.

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  1. Sorry someone stole from you. That's messed up that they'd take money out of your purse at a party.

    I think you should kick Will in the balls.



thank you for being lovely today.